One of the things I’ve been doing most recently is playing around with lime juice.  Personally I consider it a lot more flexible than say lemon or grapefruit juice.  In the citrus family I think only the orange has a better claim to fame.

Sadly there are some things that full on lime juice will not really support and that sweet and sour mix doesn’t need.  I’m a big proponent of making things yourself where you can.  If there is a question of volume, need, frequency or speed I can always see buying what you want but if you have the time to prep, the freshest and best ingredients are the ones you make yourself.

So in that vein I went looking for a good way to make limeade or sour mix in very small quantities, say 1 glass at a time.

My own proportion finally worked out as 1 part each of lime juice, simple syrup and water.  It gives you a nice lime flavor without being too sweet or too sour.  Add another equal part lemon juice and you have sour mix ready to go.  For a single glass an ounce of each is right on the mark.

When i’m mixing for a party I keep a pour bottle of lime juice and a squeeze bottle of limeade ready to hand.  The limeade cuts out the more offensive portions of the base lime juice for when you need something to blend out the alcohol flavors but you don’t exactly want a fully sour drink.


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