Review: Volstead Vodka (House Spirits)

Periodically I like to pick up a passport and do the portland Distillery row.  Usually around my birthday, a couple of friends will pile into a car with a designated driver and we’ll make a point to hit everywhere that we can.

I’ll post the route I usually run along with a timetable another time since I think if you haven’t done it at least once you’re missing out.

On my first trip through I somehow missed the brightest star in the bunch which is House Spirits.  My second time through I did catch it and I found there a vodka unlike just about any other I had tasted.  Softer than Crater Lake, smoother than Stoli and with none of the offensive marketing BS of Svedka or Grey Goose.  That spirit is Volstead Vodka.  Made with the very sweet bull run water and filtered over charred coconut husks this thing is a monster of a good vodka.

Volstead old

The first bottle I bought, I refused to let my buddy mix it with anything and we sat around doing straight shots of this until we had demolished most of the bottle.

When I heard that it had finally come back in stock with a new label I dropped everything I was doing and went to grab another bottle.  It was 5:45 and their tasting room closed at 6.  I had already exhausted all of the local liquor stores so I knew the only chance i’d have to get a bottle was to hit their tasting room directly.  Thankfully I had another friend with me who was as excited as I was about this vodka and he drove like a madman to get us there before they closed.

volstead new

I really like the older apothecary style bottle with the cork rather than the screw cap but you still can’t beat the fact that at $19.99 a bottle this stuff blows the doors off of just about anything else on the shelf.

You can find House Spirits products in at least 15 states and from a number of online retailers, I didn’t have any luck getting volstead from any of the retailers listed on the House spirits website but keep trying, it’s only been back for about 2 weeks now so it may just take some time to get around to all the places.

My rating: 5/5 Shakers.

Buy it if you like vodka, if you want something to mix that doesn’t burn out your nostrils or if you want to fill out a bar with good inexpensive liquor.


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  1. rockkat says:

    Sounds tasty. I will have to try it one of these days.

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