Review: Coole Swan

cooleswanListed as a Superior Cream Liqueur this thick milky beverage comes straight from Dublin Ireland. At about $34 for a 750ml this is certainly the top shelf for irish cream. As a comparison I was seeing Bailey’s the shelf below at $18-20 and some of the knockoff brands as low as 6-8. So for a four times markup this had better be fantastic.

This was first recommended to me by Derrick Schommer of Common man Cocktails. He swears by the stuff enough in his video reviews that it made me wonder.

Color on this is very nice, none of the tans or browns of most other creme liqueurs. A very bright white. Smell is pretty similar to most other creams I’ve had, no real scent of alcohol but those hints of whisky at the nose that ensure you’re talking about the real thing.

First taste is light on the tongue, second taste is much harder giving me the impression that once the cream gives you a tongue coating that the rest is getting a bit further back on the palate

I could sip this very easily, but I think that I would enjoy it more if I were an actual whisky drinker.cooleshot

I like the feel of the bottle, it has a nice even sided construction as opposed to the bulbous long necked baily’s bottles.

Mixes: I elected to do some of the more common things one might do with Irish Cream.

Hot Chocolate: As an additive and not a replacement this is an excellent addition. Full flavored without being a harsh kick it gives a smooth heavy cream sensation.

Kahlua or Coffee: I’m not a straight coffee drinker but I did mix this with the Below deck coffee rum. They don’t blend well being of very different weights but they do combine nicely in the mouth.

Buttershots: The slippery nipple is a pretty classic shot and I have to say that the addition of coole swan while not amazing was a good choice here as well.


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  1. Sara says:

    if this is what you have me a shot of this was good. I am partial to sweeter drinks though and I’m not fond of heavy alcohol tastes. 🙂

    1. It is the same thing. You’re not alone in the desire for something that doesn’t taste like alcohol. I think about 99% of the history of the cocktail is the search for something to hide the burn.

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