Pineapple Trainwreck : Drink Review


I’m told rather reliably that the name of this drink is shared by a popular breed of medicinal Mary Jane.  The Pineapple Trainwreck is a whimsical cocktail that you can find the recipe for on the Imbibe magazine website.  I had mine at Oven and Shaker in Portland.

Much like the Dragon’s Tail this drink focuses on the ginger as the telling ingredient here.  But unlike the tail this ginger has more of the bite you would expect of the fresh root.

Not overpowering given the amount of citrus it has to work with, the ginger and the bitters make the mouth on this drink.  The Bacardi knows when to get out of the way giving the other ingredients a chance to shine.  It never felt forced and was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.  The sour cherry at the end was perfectly sweet to offset the citrus.

Fresh pressed juice is always the biggest factor in a lot of good cocktails and you can see in this one that it really is the best way to put quality up front.


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