Welcome the Beer Snob

I’m not a beer drinker, I have no head for the stuff.  It doesn’t have the same kind of allure that I get from the process and taste of a good cocktail.  But I would be remiss dear readers if I did not at least attempt to explore this wondrous land for you so I have enlisted the talents of my good friends who will be taking over posting for the beer lovers out there with reviews, tastings and such like.

Here is his intro:


It’s warm and hot lately, with not a drop of rain in sight. I think it’s safe to call it summertime in Portland and summertime and in PDX summertime means beer and beer fests!

 Portland’s beer week kicks on June 6 – 16th – http://www.pdxbeerweek.com
Then in July it’s the International beer fest in the Pearl 19th – 21st.  – http://www.portland-beerfest.com/
And finally topped off with the mother of all PDX beer events, the Oregon Brewers Festival – http://www.oregonbrewfest.com – which is always held the last full weekend in July. Best believe I will have my glass out and ready for both events.
I’ve been tapped to start using some of my love of beer for this little experiment here and count on getting some updates in the following week.
The first thing I will try to cover are spots to get a good pint, either to sit and enjoy, or take on the go. Check back often for beer snob updates!

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