Nutella Cocktail

In my various travels around the interwebs I stumble across (or am pushed) into various sites with curious and interesting drink ideas.

This one in particular falls firmly into the category of “fuzzy drinks” for which I have to come up with a better title.  This is one of those drinks made with liqueurs only, nothing hard and nothing crazy.

I think one could probably expect a light-weight drink from a site called Crazy Adventures in Parenting.  But of any of us who except parents has a good reason to drink.

This could almost be in my AM drinking category if I were inclined that direction but really the combination of Milk, Godiva and Frangelico isn’t all that unique.  Hazelnut and chocolate are about as inseparable as chocolate and peanut butter.

What makes this drink interesting to me is the garnish used on the glass.

  1. Put the Nutella into a bowl and microwave for 15 seconds to warm.
  2. Drizzle Nutella inside your martini glass.

I think you could reasonably use this same feat in any number of concoctions with or without Godiva in the mix.  Nutella is considerably easier to handle than bar chocolate, fudge, chocolate syrup or even magic shell.  It’s more of a gel than a liquid and it doesn’t take much in the way of heat to make it pliable enough to move.

Personal suggestion would be to use a squeeze bottle of some type and simply heat the bottle in a pan of hot water for a couple minutes.  You’re going to get a more even heat without the drying out and gumminess that a microwave is going to impart.  If you’re going to be drinking or making a lot of these then putting the bottle back in the water keeps your chocolate fluid while you’re working your shaker.

Ps. No Gin, no Martini!


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