Make Your Own: Whiskey

Sorry for the dodge on this one.  I’m not actually going to show you how to make whiskey.  Owning a still without the proper licenses is more than my simple blog is worth.

But that is not to say that you can’t do it anyway.  The Mississippi River Distilling company is offering up their equipment and expertise to allow you to make your own blend.  You get full control of the grains, barrels, age, proof and even the yeast.  They do all the work and deliver to you the finished product of approximately 160 bottles of whiskey + the barrel they used to age it.

Their My Whiskey program looks amazing and really brings home the idea of what craft distilling is all about.  It’s not about having a huge piece of copper bubbling away in your garage it’s about the finished product.

Now if only I had a spare 6k lying around so I could do this.

Another interesting thing they do there is you can adopt a barrel.  By law Bourbon has to be aged in NEW white oak barrels.  Which means that for each batch they have to buy new barrels and find something to do with the old ones.  This isn’t always a problem as there are always Rum makers, scotch makers, brandy makers, cognac makers, etc who need casks and enjoy the flavors that the used bourbon casks impart.

Mississippi River Distilling apparently will let you adopt a barrel for $400, which entitles you to help bottle the whiskey from that barrel, take home 6 bottles and the barrel itself.

Sadly I’m nowhere near Iowa and don’t know what I’d do with a 30 gallon barrel once I had it but it sounds like a neat idea.

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