Rant: Can Crafted Cocktails

Cancraft bannerI’m not sure what kind of demons possess the chefs and bartenders at the corporate headquarters of the various chain restaurants that sometimes find myself visiting.

In this case the question arose before I had even had a chance to glance at the menu.  Standing tall in the front lobby was this banner.  The name alone gave me a twinge.










Two different drinks each splashed into a can shaped glass that you can buy and take home.  A Coors lite with ginger and lemonade sounds like a ginger ale with lemon and alcohol.  The bitter beer component boggles me for a bit.

The blue moon is a step out since you’re adding both orange and lime juice to an orange flavored vodka and a hoppy wheat beer.

I don’t know if I’m just disgusted with the idea of mixing beer and hard alcohol in a “cocktail” or if the choice of beer is what really offends me.  Have to run this one past the HopBoxer and see if I’m way off base.

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