Weltenburger Kloster Pils – Review

16-24 Weztenburger kloster pilsI am a sucker for a good Pilsner, let me start this by stating that right from the outset. I think the craft beer movement has forgotten its roots to an extent, with all the IPAs, and Saisons you’re seeing lately. Not that I have a problem with them mind you, but I feel there is a place in the market for a delicious crisp Pilsner. The Weltenburger is a German Pilsner if the name didn’t give it away and I was not disappointed.

First the facts: 5.6% ABV, and a 22 on the IBU scale.

It had a clear pour, nice and bubbly almost like a champagne. Very light citrus smell on the nose, with a crisp and light flavor with only a slight grain or popcorn finish that is characteristic of much of the German beer I drink. This would be a beer that I could drink ice cold after mowing my lawn. At first glance it almost looks like what American mass market beer wants to be, however it has none of that vague uric flavor that is so common in American beer.

It was pretty much everything Budweiser wants to be. I have found websites that sell it, yet finding a vendor in Portland seems to be difficult. It is not currently on the list at Johns Market. I will be doing an expedition down there soon, and if I find it I will report back dear readers!


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