Special Mystery Triple IPA

19-34 Super Mystery IPAOh boy, here we go! This review is for one of my least favorite beers, a SUPER IPA.

I love a good IPA, don’t get me wrong. Ninkasi brewery made an art form out of the super hoppy beer, as did Lagunitas with Hop Stoopid. I love Total Domination and Tricerahops by Ninkasi. If you have not had many IPAs these beers are characterized by their very strong bitter flavor, brought on by the extra hops that are added during the brewing process.

They are assertive and very hard to pair with any kind of food. If you love a good bitter beer, an India Pale Ale is just what you need. Any-who on to the review.

Stats: Oregon brewed – 10+ % ABV and well over 100 on the IBU scale.

I honestly think that the Double Mountain brewery just sent this over to get rid of it. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would enjoy more than one of these, let alone a .22 OZ. The aroma was the best part of this beer, it had fruity citrus & apricot notes. The IPA beers are normally very fruity smelling to my nose, this one was no exception. After the initial taste and bitterness fades, if you keep it on the tongue long enough some of the fruit flavors start to develop, but its SO bitter that it detracts from any enjoyment one may derive from the drinking.

I have had a few of their other brews, so hopefully this one negative review does not scare you from trying some of their other work.


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