Chipotle Margaritas

chipotleI was stunned the other day when upon entering a chain restaurant for a burrito I was presented with the option for a cocktail with my meal.  Chipotle now carries two different options for margaritas, a Patron Margarita for $6.95 and a Sauza Margarita for $4.50.   HopBoxer and I each picked one and gave them a try.

The difference in price are actually pretty indicative of the quality.

The patron is really much smoother, both are pretty good.  The cost isn’t big enough difference to want to downgrade to the Sauza.

This is an on the rocks margarita without salt, so flavors are a bit different.  They’re a little frothy which makes me think they’re using a mix rather than lime juice and triple sec.

I’m curious how many of their locations have the liquor license to do this.  Nothing on the Chipotle website seems to even indicate that they offer these drinks so it’s hard to search for anything concrete.

I’m also a little leery of the concept mesh here.  Chipotle is a fast, fresh food kind of place.  They’re nicely appointed but they don’t really make me want to stick around so getting a 12-16oz cocktail that I can’t drive away with locks me into either avoiding it or walking home.


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