Koutsky 12°

22-45 koutsky 12 degreeThis was one of my sleepers of the show. I love the Koutsky 12° by Kout Brewery.

It was brought to the fest by Shelton Overly-Full-Of-Themselves and I am glad they brought it. It was one of the earlier beers I tried and they had some issues with the taps, so when I got the pour it had a large head. After waiting a few minutes for the foam to subside like the receding ocean tide I got a chance to look it over. It was clear, and bubbly just like I expect from a Czech Pils.

Stats: Czech Pilsner 5% ABV & 33 on the IBU scale

The first smell was bread like and very yeasty, almost a little funky honestly. But the first sip was smooth, and had a finish very similar to a white Belgian, crisp at first but with a slightly floral finish. I am pretty sure it’s beers like this that give the Czech people the honor of one of the highest beer consumption rates in the world. This is a solid every day drinker.

According to some searches other than Europe, it looks like the closest you can get this is New Orleans. I will keep an eye open, because I want more!

Na zdraví!

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