Sparkle Donkey Silver Tequila



The name alone on this tequila is memorable.  You’re not likely to forget the name any time soon.

What makes it slightly more interesting is that while it is produced in Mexico it is distributed by Black Rock Spirits out of Seattle, WA.  It is oddly hard to get a hold of in the Portland area.  There are only two stores that carry it, both on the east side.  I imagine that will change over time because this stuff is awesome.

I had a chance to try both the silver and the reposado at the OMSI after dark tasting and they are both lovely.  The reposado actually has a flavor not unlike cotton candy.  It’s not sweet or cloying but has a lovely round sugar taste.

The silver is also great, it’s not as mild as the reposado.  The repo is aged in bourbon barrels which is a fantastic kick.

So far I’ve made a couple of different drinks with citrus and fruit and in every case the tequila shines through.


Aside from the beverage itself the company has a fantastic website set up to promote the Sparkle Donkey history.  Their Institute for Agave studies tells the story of El Burro Esparkalo a magical tequila distributing donkey from the wilds of mexico.

It is possible to buy this online, but shipping is dodgy.  As with most online liquor sales your location matters more than where the site is located.

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