Mint Chocolate Syrup in Use: Oregon Grasshopper Shot

IMG_1238The mint chocolate syrup that I produced a couple of days ago has had a chance to cool.  The time has also allowed the flavors a chance to marry, blend and mellow a bit.

Mint and chocolate have a long tradition together and none of the cocktails I can think of so perfectly exemplifies their happy union better than the grasshopper.

Normally a grasshopper is the combination of creme de menthe, creme de cacao and cream.  A simple drink with no strong alcohol, it is also sometimes the standard bearer for fluffy drinks.  Only recently dethroned by the Apple-tini it still has a lot to offer.

Since we’ve already got both the chocolate and the mint covered with the syrup we don’t need to include either of the primary ingredients.  But to keep this as simple as the original we can keep it down to three ingredients.


0.5 oz Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
0.5 oz Irish Cream Liqueur
0.5 oz Chocolate Mint syrup

pour in order and give the glass a small swirl to mix.

In this case we’re making a shot, which will allow the concentrated flavors to hit all at once.  In a larger glass you could use 1.5 oz of irish cream and 1 oz of the Frangelico.  Keep the chocolate mint the same but put a small amount in your glass to coat the sides before you shake and strain.

I call this an Oregon grasshopper because the Hazelnut is a pretty signature Oregon flavor, but overall this is an excellent shot with a lot of high and low notes.  The menthol sensation at the top of the mouth on the back and the solid umame of hazlenut.

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