Drink Review: Love for Sale

love for saleThe bar at Gustav’s is not a place for terribly creative drinks but their standing menu has some very tasty items on it.  One of those that struck a chord with our party was the Love for Sale.

Firmly on the citrus end of the drink spectrum this one throws around a lot of fruit juices and not a lot of liquor.  The Absolute Mandarin is a firm base which unsurprisingly pairs well with orange juice.  I’m a big fan of passion fruit juice and the liqueur they use here gives a wonderfully round flavor.  You need the sugar rim as there is a bit of bitterness in the drink, but all together the wonderful beverage brings up tiki memories and punch ideas.

I think a dash of Oregeat syrup and a tall Tiki glass and you’d think you were at Trader Vic’s instead of a German restaurant.

We ordered at least three around the table and I think everyone had to taste it at least twice.








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