Ginger Rum Daisy

Ginger Rum DaisyThe thing that caught my eye at the Rogue Distillery and Public House was a drink called a daisy.  A daisy is a class of drink with no specific spirit base.  You can make one with brandy, whiskey, rum or anything really.  The basic ideal is soda water added to spirit, citrus and sweetener.   It’s a precursor to the Cosmo, the sidecar and the margarita.

The Ginger Rum Daisy is a wonderfully refreshing drink.  I chose mine with dark rum as I wanted a clear taste on this before I started playing with hazelnut.  The ginger syrup and the lemon juice are a great concoction and rum is a sweet smooth way to bring all of this together.

Because this is served over ice with soda it’s not a strong drink.  You’re not going to taste a lot of alcohol in something this large.  For the price this was a pretty good drink.  It does make me want to make my own ginger syrup since I like this drink a lot more than the Palomas I’ve been drinking lately.









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