Fireside Grill

Located in an out of the way business park on Hall blvd the fireside grill is one of the few gems of the Beaverton Bar scene.

It isn’t a pub, a beer bar or a strip club and in that it exceeds many of the alternatives this far out in suburbia.

The location used to house one of the many Macmenamins strip locations, pretty similar to a dozen others within a couple of miles.  The Macmenamins menu has seldom been anything to write home about but I am happy to say that the Fireside Grill is everything that Macmenamins isn’t.

The decor is minimal with emphasis on the fire portion of the name.  The patio seats have a gas fireplace in the center which gives the entire thing a lot of natural light after dark.

There are almost a half dozen large televisions on the walls, when  not in use they display a standard yule log type fireplace scene.

The entire place isn’t large but it’s not loud and the television doesn’t dominate like it would in a sports bar.

The bar itself is short, maybe a half dozen seats and their website doesn’t list any particular cocktail list.  What it lacks in size it makes up for in creativity and ardor.

The owner/bartender has a fantastic list of drinks on hand and while he won’t share the secrets of their construction he is happy to mix anything he can make with his selection.  The bar has an admirable amount of liquor on hand, including the first time I’ve seen Galliano outside of a liquor store.  There are even a few things on the top shelf worth exploring if you have the money and taste buds.  We spied a lined wooden case with a bottle of Extra Anejo tequila that runs about $65 a shot.  Other offerings are likely to be just as fantastic.

The drinks were eclectic but not arcane.  They varied in scope from a hot cider rum drink to something at attempted to quite successfully imitate a capri sun.

Alongside the drinks there was a wonderful menu of bar snacks and appetizers.  Like all of the food in the restaurant they were made fresh in house.  From Potato chips with a gorgonzola creme sauce to waffle fried chicken the menu pops with style and delicious offerings.

HopBoxer wants me to mention that they have 20 taps running with everything from Bud light to Total Domination IPA.  They also carry Cider, Framboise, Guinness and a rotating selection of very enjoyable items.

I’m going back as soon as possible, the place doesn’t allow minors but it is a comfortable locally owned spot and I would love to see the place succeed.

One thing to note is that the location is ballstastic.  There is a dry cleaner smack in front of them which means you can hardly see them from the street.  Parking isn’t fantastic but the little business park is seldom busy.  Drop by if you get a chance, maybe I’ll see you there.

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