The Rejigger


A couple of months back I kickstarted a new drinking tool.  It had caught my eye from another blog I was reading and for $20 it looked like a fair deal even if it never came about.

The good news is that not only did the kickstarter meet their goal but the finished product has been rolling off the line.  Mine arrived yesterday.

On the whole the packaging is minimal.  The card you see stuck in the top is also the recipe guide on the back.  There are no details about the volumes or how to adjust for other kinds of cocktails.  It does give a pretty good visual on how to use it but beyond that you’re on your own.

First thing to notice is that it’s basically a three compartment jigger.  There are more than a few items like that already on the market.  The Kikkerland Jigger Cube, The Uber Bar Tools ProJig and the EZ step jigger.

I hauled out a selection of glassware to see how it would fit.  Your standard Bar Glass/Pint seems to be the ideal vessel for using this device.  While it would fit in my working glass it was far inside the mouth which was not ideal for retrieving it once done.  It would not fit at all inside an old fashioned glass and a Collins glass was far to small to make any kind of seal.

Using my Oxo measure I checked the volume of the three compartments.  The largest is 2 ounces, the medium is just a touch over 1 ounce and the smallest is about a half ounce.  I measured up to the line on the side which I’m assuming is the desire.  Again without instructions more clearly defined I can simply guess.

As a first run I elected to try a whiskey sour as I had just been drinking and making them at a birthday party a few days before and was happy with the general result.  The combination indicated on the card is bourbon, lemon juice and simple syrup, in descending order.

Given my own preference I usually go for a simple shot and then even out the mixers at 1:1 for an ounce each.  I’ve also been accused of having a sweet tooth so take the recommendation on simple syrup accordingly.

As a measure cup the Rejigger did pretty well.  I didn’t have any spillover, the base is nicely balanced so it doesn’t move.  It’s not as weighty as a metal jigger but it’s still far more functional than my Zevro ring jigger which is really more of a fidget toy than a serious bar tool at this point.

I did miss the pour spout of my Oxo measuring cup but was able to get everything into the cup without serious adjustment or any spillage.


Once the Rejigger was on the glass it seemed to sit pretty well.  When I started shaking however it didn’t seem to hold up as well.  For someone used to a boston shaker this was a bit loose.  I wasn’t able to keep the seal for very long and with a little pressure the Rejigger seemed to want to slip further into the glass causing problems with velocity and consistency.  It did come out a lot easier than getting the seal off of a metal shaker but that’s really to be expected with plastic.


The drink properly shaken for the optimal 15-20 seconds we crack the seal and strain into a cocktail glass.

I was not well pleased with the outcome of the drink itself.  It was rushed and I can do better so I’m not going to condemn the Rejigger for bad lemon juice.  The mixture had a pretty good appearance and was cold enough to serve which in the end is really all you need once you get going.

It cleans up pretty well, the inside doesn’t have a lot of nooks to get into and I didn’t need a scrub brush to get it clean.

Storage wise I’m going to put it on par with my oxo cups, it’ll sit inside a cup or shaker pretty well so it’s not going to just be loose in your kit.

This tool warrants some additional investigation.  It is possible I’m not really the target audience as I am both finicky about my drinks and able to mix with a speed that makes this all-in-one tool somewhat redundant.  I will attempt to have some non-bartender type people give it a shot and see how they like it.

As a general tool I give it a 7/10.  It’s not expensive, bulky or a uni-tasker.

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