Grain and Gristle

Tucked into a quiet and mostly residential neighborhood on NE Prescott is a wonderful example of the modern Portland bar.  I went early in the day for a little afternoon food excursion with the HopBoxer.

The atmosphere is very clean and has a focus on wood grains and fresh artwork.  The live edge bar was interesting to see.


Their cocktail selection was wider than I’ve seen at a number of more complex places and they did something with their menu that I had not seen before.  I typically enjoy going places where there are dozens of bottles on the shelf.  It provides enough selection that you have a reasonable idea that the bartender will know what they’re doing.  Grain and Gristle had only a few bottles in evidence but every one of them seemed selected specifically to fill a role.

A quick look at their cocktail menu shows you that they’re fans of the classics but in such a way that they can showcase local distilleries, rare finds and creative uses of flavor.

All of their cocktails on the list wgng bottle listere $8 which was easy on the wallet.  I didn’t get a chance to try the gristle portion of the name but we did order soup, pickles and olives.  Each of them house made and excellent.  I’ve not had pickle plates many places but the inclusion of apple, garlic and possibly pear were all interesting ways to spice things up between cocktails.

It’s a little out of my way, but given their proximity to a pok pok location it may be worth another trip out that way.

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