Calimocho: Best Bad Idea ever

jota1Happy New Year!  If you’re reading this then you likely made it through another New Years celebration with nothing worse than a serious hangover.  Congrats.  Now the party is over, the drinks have been drunk and someone left you with two or three open bottles of wine that you can’t possibly drink before it sours in the fridge.

Worry not friends.  The Alchemist comes to your rescue with the following solution.

WineCoke anyone?

In Spain the Calimocho is the kind of drink that young Spaniards will order to start off an evening.  A large glass will arrive with several straws making for a punch bowl like concoction.

Your Basic Calimocho is equal parts Wine (generally red) and Cola with a squeeze of lemon juice.  If you want to be pinky-high fancy you can use full sugar Mexican Coke rather than the american corn syrup variety.

As this is a cocktail blog and wine is generally not in my wheelhouse I will endeavor to spice things up a bit with some variation.

In a large wine glass combine in order:

Ice Cubes
0.5 oz Orange Curacao
0.5 oz Cherry Bomb Whiskey
2 oz Red Wine
4 oz Coca-cola

Garnish with orange peel and Amarena cherry.

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