Funding and Patreon

patreonlogoFor those of you who are not already familiar there are a number of new things around to help content creators fund their projects without the hassle of dealing with low paying advertising.

If you’re not running an Ad Blocker (and honestly why wouldn’t you?) you may have seen that I have both Amazon and Google ads on my site.  I in the two or so years that I have been operating my site I have made a grand total of $1.64 from them combined.  Since they won’t even pay out until you hit $10, I think I will be waiting for my check for a while.

The more recent alternative which is in the veins of a persistent kickstarter campaign is called Patreon.  Using this site you can have people become patrons of your art (writing, photography etc.) and pledge either a monthly amount or a per item amount.  This money allows creators to count on a more regular source of income than random donations through paypal or merchandise sales.

I now have a patreon account.  You can find the link in the top left next to the search box.  Or you can go to

If you like what I do here and would like to see me continue please pledge to become one of my patrons.  I’m currently working hard to process some of my many draft ideas into concrete posts which should give me enough content to post once a week until September 2015.  Beyond that point I can’t foresee as I am often limited to what I can manage with limited funds and time.

Even a small number of patrons pledging the minimum amount would allow me to do more local reviews, more cocktail experiments and to buy products that I would have normally shunned in favor to lower cost alternatives.

If you have an idea for rewards that I haven’t already put up, feel free to drop them into the comments and I’ll put them up ASAP.

Thank you all my loyal readers.  It has been a joy to see people reading my musings up till now, lets see if we can’t kick this up to the next level.


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