50 licks Ice Cream (and cocktails!)

wpid-wp-1421354010691.jpegLocated in SE Portland at 20th and Clinton street 50 Licks Ice Cream represents two of the greatest things about living in Portland, hand dipped Ice Cream and well done cocktails.

Fifty Licks owner Chad is an enthusiastic and gregarious host, he welcomes you into his tiny shop with sample after sample.  Offering flavors as normal as vanilla and chocolate and as esoteric as Vegan Passion fruit with Sichuan Pepper Sorbet there is always something unique to try.

I had the pleasure to sample their Cherry Bourbon (made with Eastside Cherrys left over from Cherry Bomb Whiskey), Thai Rice Pudding, and Blood orange creamcicle.

All of them are well done and are both subtle and flavorful.  A little goes a long way, the scoops are not large but having bought a pint and nursed it greedily for several days it is well worth every penny.

What brought them around to my attention is their cocktail menu.  I don’t know what possessed me to ignore ice cream as a flavor delivery method but Fifty Licks has created some stunning and wonderful drinks.

The one that drew me in was the Bitter Rose

Cocchi Americano Rosa, Orange Bitters and Grapefruit Rosewater Sorbet.

Obviously there is almost no way to replicate the ice cream elements at home which means you should visit them directly, and as often as possible.

2021 SE Clinton Street
Portland OR 97214

Monday-Thursday 3-10
Friday 3-11
Saturday noon-11
Sunday noon-10

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