Whiskey Tees

Update: Upon reviewing the picture for this story I found that the site appears to no longer be active.


Item of the month clubs that send boxes of fancy stuff seem to be a dime a dozen these days.  From Lootcrate to Glambag the bag of random stuff to your door has returned.  One that caught my eye recently was Whiskey Tees.  A company that for $20 a month will send you a different whiskey distiller’s shirt each month.  Discounts for yearly subscriptions are offered which can bring the total down to $16 per shirt.

They say that each of the shirts uses unique artwork from the various distillers but from the example shirts on their site it looks mostly like the company logo plastered on a random color t-shirt.  The ones I recognize from Corsair, Koval and Few aren’t really that different than what you see on their bottles.

Additionally while it may seem like the hipster thing to do by wearing a shirt from a liquor you probably can’t even buy in your state the shirts are likely not much better than what you could purchase from the various company websites.  Unlike liquor there aren’t any restrictions on what T-shirts you can ship interstate.

Great idea for the whiskey drinking friend who likes to advertise their hobby.

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