Glaser Distilling

glaserLogoI was very pleased to run across a new addition to the Portland distillery scene.  While they don’t operate their actual stills in Portland it is the place to be for tasting rooms as many others have already proven.  Based out of a celebrated winery located near Roseburg they produce a number of very keen products that I was able to taste on my visit.

Glaser in the Pearl can be found at 1230 NW Hoyt A, Portland, OR 97209
a few scant blocks from I-405.  Parking is a challenge unless you’re there during the day.  They are open 2pm to 8 pm Tuesday through Sunday.

Among their offerings were both Vodka and White rum as well as a spiced rum and a few other items that I can’t seem to find on their website.  This may mean they were seasonal or could just indicate that they don’t update their site often.

Their more interesting items were a Limoncello, coffee, and Butterscotch liqueur.   I would have loved to have bought a bottle of each but funds limited me to a single bottle of the butterscotch.  I was assured by the very lovely Sandy Glaser herself that they produce all of the butterscotch used in the liqueur themselves which makes it doubly wonderful.

It has been a while since I visited but their selection does not appear to change often.  Prices were reasonable for the region and the liqueurs were excellent.  Personally I didn’t find anything in their regular spirits to write home about but your mileage may vary.

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