Sorel by Jack from Brooklyn

27147_hrI recently found the website Gear Patrol and they turned me on to a number of new liqueurs via this article.  One of the more interesting was Sorel by Jack from Brooklyn.  The only current product of this Brooklyn producer the Sorel liqueur is a 30 proof blend of hibiscus and spice in a neutral base.  At 29.90 for a 750ml bottle this seems a little expensive for a liqueur.  The article hit the nail on head that this is a bottle that screams Fall Cocktail.  A combination of cassia, ginger, clove, and hibiscus makes for a very mulled wine extraction and the dark color does nothing to dispel that intention.

Solo, I think this is best taken at room temperature or higher.  Citrus notes can be found more easily at that point and the chill brings a bit too much of the clove forward giving it a musty off-putting flavor.  Vodka and gin drinks spring to mind with any number of other ideas involving fortified wines like port or sherry coming along after.  I want to see some cocktails with orange bitters, dark rum or a crisp wheat vodka.

If there was a smaller bottle I might have bought that instead and powered through it, as it stands the 750ml just seems to intimidate me into switching back to bourbon.

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