New Bar Spoon Design

One of the more overlooked pieces of barware is the simple and functional barspoon.  If it’s a well stirred cocktail, a pousse cafe or even just a simple float there is no good replacement for a barspoon.  The design is simply too unique.  An extra long handle, a well curved but narrow head and a well weighted end for proper stirring all contribute.  The folks over at Standard Spoon appear to have added a simple feature to this classic design that improves at least the stirring portion of that functionality.  After a successful kickstarter the spoon started shipping in August of 2015, at present the Wingman spinning spoon sells for $45.  The addition of a simple unattached tube to the handle of the spoon allows the bowl of the spoon to spin freely inside the mixing glass.  This isn’t quite the same as a swizzle stick but it does allow for stirring without quite so much effort and with a lot less ice chipping.

Admittedly this isn’t going to be a “must have” for a majority of your home cocktail making needs but if you value a well made stirred cocktail and haven’t ever had to stand there for 3-5 mins spoon in hand you don’t know what this is worth.

I would also like to give some respect to the idea that Standard Spoon had of selling spoons that don’t measure up to 100% of their QA checks. Their Runner up spoons are a knock down in price coming in at only $22.  This is still over $20 for a spoon, which does put it beyond my own impulse buy range for bar gadgets but I think the utility here is more than worth the price for a well made device.

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