Alcohol and Income Tax

The history of our country is a history of alcohol and as it is currently April it is Tax season for the Adults of the US. This is a time for stress, the paying of our annual due and perforce a bit of drinking to blow off the stress of paperwork and payments. What you […]

Beer and Gender Equality

Buckle your seat belts its time for the Notorious RBG. While the 14th amendment granted equal protection under the law for everyone regardless of gender, that didn’t always make it down to the state level.  It wasn’t until Craig v. Boren in 1976 that the court ruled that a state law was in violation of […]

Whiskey and Privacy

Roy Olmstead was a Seattle police officer and already 30 years old when the state of Washington pass a constitutional amendment making the state bone dry. Federal Prohibition was still 4 years away, it was 1915. Washington prohibition started softly in early 1909, with cities and counties being authorized to pass their own prohibition ordinances. […]

Our Cocktail Constitution

The history of the US and the rest of the world is shaped by liquor, beer and wine.  You may not have ever seen how much of an impact it has on what you’ve done and how law applies to us in the modern era. If you look at the constitution most people only see […]

Mudder’s Milk

” [Zhe shi shen me lan dong xi!?] ~ “What is this garbage!?” – Hoburn Wash “Mudder’s Milk –  All the protein, vitamins and carbs of your grandma’s best turkey dinner, plus 15% alcohol.” – Jayne Cobb “It’s horrific!” – Hoburn Wash A long time ago in a television show that got quickly canceled there […]

Cocktail Kits – Impractical Barware

Found this at Target. It supposedly contains everything you need to make a martini….except gin, vermouth, vodka, and a glass. Also martinis are a stirred drink so a shaker tin isn’t going to be useful here. Stemmed glasses don’t generally need coasters because they aren’t served with ice. Rimming sugar with olives?  Who the hell […]

Floating Cup – Impractical Barware

Another entry in the annals of impractical barware. For a measly $229 you too can buy one single cup that floats when plugged into power and suspended above a single specific coaster. Great trick, and the video of someone walking while holding one of the wireless versions is sure neat. Would be more neat if […]