Nectar Creek Mead

I’m filing this under beer reviews rather than liquor because I don’t really feel like I’ll be doing enough mead/cider reviews for them to warrant their own category yet. Nectar Creek appears to produce *only* carbonated session mead.  A Session (not Saison) for those not familiar with the term derives from a kind of low […]

Calimocho: Best Bad Idea ever

Happy New Year!  If you’re reading this then you likely made it through another New Years celebration with nothing worse than a serious hangover.  Congrats.  Now the party is over, the drinks have been drunk and someone left you with two or three open bottles of wine that you can’t possibly drink before it sours […]

Derailer Cocktail

Credit for this drink goes directly to Podnah’s Pit where it was created and where I and the Hop Boxer found it. First of the basic recipe. 1.5 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey 1 oz Creme de Cassis 0.5 oz Lime Juice 4 oz Ginger Beer As presented you want to put your lime, jameson and cassis […]

Boot Strap Buck

  The dark interior of Kask does not lend itself to photography as can be seen in the poor quality of the photo I took that night.  I blame the light and not the 8 or 9 drinks I put away.  The first drink I had that night was a rum concoction called the Boot […]

Ginger Rum Daisy

The thing that caught my eye at the Rogue Distillery and Public House was a drink called a daisy.  A daisy is a class of drink with no specific spirit base.  You can make one with brandy, whiskey, rum or anything really.  The basic ideal is soda water added to spirit, citrus and sweetener.   […]

Drink Review: Love for Sale

The bar at Gustav’s is not a place for terribly creative drinks but their standing menu has some very tasty items on it.  One of those that struck a chord with our party was the Love for Sale. Firmly on the citrus end of the drink spectrum this one throws around a lot of fruit […]

Chipotle Margaritas

I was stunned the other day when upon entering a chain restaurant for a burrito I was presented with the option for a cocktail with my meal.  Chipotle now carries two different options for margaritas, a Patron Margarita for $6.95 and a Sauza Margarita for $4.50.   HopBoxer and I each picked one and gave […]