Drink Review: Cherry Lime Flip

If you’ve read any of the history on my blog you can pretty easily find my own version of the Cherry-Lime. It doesn’t take much to make something like this, there are a dozen different ways you can put cherry, soda and lime together.  Breaking down the differences would be a work of years. This […]

The Glazed Jelly Donut: Drink Review

I ordered this drink at the Jolly Roger in John’s Landing.  On the menu it was called a Glazed Jelly Donut and while the name is apt it’s not really a description of the taste. The drink was constructed in the glass with ice and looks to comprise: 1.5 oz 360 Glazed Donut Vodka 1 […]

Rant: Lame-a-rita

American beers got a bad rap for a long time.  They still generally get spit on in the beer drinking world outside of a few of the up and coming smaller brands.  Being a big named beer brand does let you experiment in the market a bit since your standby product is holding down the […]

Vesper Martini

As I’ve probably said about a dozen times now the “real” James Bond martini is not just a vodka martini (shaken not stirred).  The original and recognized drink of 007 is the Vesper, a drink he essentially created on the spot during the course of casino royale and named for the traitorous double agent Vesper […]

Mai Tai

One of the hallmarks of Tiki culture in the 50’s and 60’s was the cocktail done polynesian style and of those none was so famous as the Mai Tai.  The name is a corruption of the tahitian word Maita’i which means really good and from the couple of these I’ve made so far the name is […]

Turning Prayers into Sins

The Third of my drink reviews from my trip to Oven and Shaker is the Botticelli. 1oz Vodka 1oz Aperol Italian Bitters 1/4oz Fresh Lime Juice 1oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice 2oz Cava Now if you’re like me at least two of the ingredients on that list are a bit unknown.  Aperol is similar to Campari at […]