Make Your Own: Irish Cream Liqueur

I’m going to save you a lot of time.  The post on making your own Irish Cream on The Modern Proper has some beautiful photos, the recipe itself is solid, but skip the post itself.  It’s long winded and kind of pompous.  I don’t know what else you would expect from something called The Modern Proper so […]

Update: Beer Syrup

Just an update to my previous post about Porter Beer Syrup.  A Widmer Brewing rep dropped off a couple of 6 packs of Upheaval IPA as a tip in the tasting room and we needed the fridge space.  So, I took three bottles home and attempted to use the beer syrup process. The initial result is […]

Hazelnut Mother

One of the more neglected areas of cocktail making (IMHO) is the area of nuts.  There are many different and enjoyable flavors to be had if one does a little digging.  Amaretto is one such flavor, a popular light liqueur with the flavor of cherries and made from either almonds or apricot pits.  Nocino brings […]

Make Your Own: Tonic Water

I have been meaning to make a post about this for over a year.   If any liquor could be said to be my totem spirit it is Gin and of all cocktails the Gin and Tonic is the perfect expression of the botanical basis of both Gin and tonic water. You can read more […]

Make Your Own: Cocktail Onions

I’m not a big fan of garnish.  I think far too often it’s like parsley on a breakfast platter and it’s just there for show.  In the food industry parsley is actually called “Pretty” as in, “Be sure to throw some pretty on that plate before it goes out.”  Further degrading the idea of garnish […]

Make Your Own: Beer Syrups

If you’re not reading the Happy Hour Blog on Gizmodo you are missing out.  They have some great articles on process, history, gadgets and tastings. Back in September they posted this article on how to make Beer Syrups and in particular Porter Syrup.  Having just finished a pretty major run of syrups articles I found the […]