Kickstarter: The Drinking Jacket by Zane Lamprey

The Drinking Jacket

One of my personal drinking heroes is Zane Lamprey.  He somehow got a major network like Spike to pay for him to travel the world drinking and exploring drinking culture with a stuffed monkey.  For those not familiar he’s the star of the show Three Sheets which aired on either Spike or the travel channel briefly a few years ago.  More recently he ran a successful kickstarter to fund a drinking series “Chug” which I have not had a chance to watch but dearly want to.

His current project is a jacket built for the drinker, starring everything from a beer koozie pocket to a bottle opener zipper pull.

The jacket is $85 normally but looks to be pretty well built with many fine features even if you don’t need it for a night of heavy drinking.

The campaign has only about 72 hours left on it so I encourage you to decide quickly before you have to pay retail for it.

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